Thursday, 25 August 2011

Spanish Magnate, Red Hot Revenge

 Author : Lynn Raye Harris
The Hero : Alejandro Ramirez
The Lady : Rebecca Layton
Description for the publisher : The Spaniard's scorching seduction

Nobody messes with Alejandro de Ramirez. He doesn't suffer fools, and certainly has no time for manipulative wantons. Rebecca Layton was both. Five years later, Alejandro's life is still in turmoil--and he's more merciless than ever. The Spanish magnate wants retribution....

Unusually, and frustratingly for Alejandro, his plan doesn't go smoothly. Surely Rebecca wasn't this alluring before. And did his body always respond in this way--with such passionate fury? This is no longer just revenge...this is red-hot and dangerous!
Miss Romance says :
I want more sparks, and more punch for this story. It’s a good book, I could not put it down, but I wish Alejandro, even with his dark, dark heart could be made much more vulnerable and like, he tried to control his feeling towards Rebecca but failed miserably, I think it till make him much more adorable, especially as Rebecca virtually put her hearth in a silver platter for Alejandro to be crushed under his heel.
I could understand the anguish both characters have to endure because of their upbringing and could understand why Alejandro gone ahead and married the woman his father choose for him after Rebecca left him, and for Rebecca to not believed when Alejandro tried to explain a wedding planner suddenly turn up in their shared apartment. With such early stage of relationship where trust is yet to grow, being rival in business they were in, it was just natural to have suspicion on both side.
Fave Part : 
When Rebecca had a panic attack and Alejandro tried to soothe her
“Shh, mi querida, don’t fight. Think of something happy, yes?”
 “Easy…for you…to…say—”
“Kittens,” he said. “Kittens are happy. Or puppies. Sí, think of these things. I will buy you a puppy. Or a kitten. Or both. Just be calm,” he said softly, caressing her slowly, rhythmically.
I will definitely read another book by Miss Harris.
Here is Puerta Del Sol in Madrid, there is part of the book where sequence taken place in this beautiful square.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bond of Hatred

 Author : Lynne Graham
The Hero : Alexis Terzakis, born rich, gorgeous and suave, Alex has never had a woman says no to him much less put him on a pedestal.
The Lady : Sarah, she is stubborn,speaks like a truck driver but has attitude and moral principles like an eighteenth century lady. 
Description form the publisher
Tug of Love....

Alex Terzakis took Sarah Hartwell's breath away. Marrying him was the last thing she was thinking of! When she'd impulsively flung that proposal at him, she had two things on her mind: revenge for her young sister's death, and the chance to raise Nikos, her sister's baby son. True, family was all to Alex, and he would fight to keep Nikos, who was his nephew. But, in her anger and her grief, Sarah had believed that her demand would send him packing--she had never expected that he would accept!

Miss Romance says :
Another fine book by Miss Graham. When i first read the book, after several pages i put it down again, my thought was.." Gosh, this Sarah is so vile and has no manner at all ". So i put down the book. But one day in a long journey to Delhi ( its 18 hours by train from Mumbai ), i run out of books in my mobile, so i have no option but to read this one, and pleased i was.
Starting with scene when Alex came to Sarah on her sister's funeral day to offer her money in return of custody of baby Nikos,  which Sarah refused flat, the story picks up its beat. I love how Sarah with her candor could rile Alex from perfect manner to raging temper and boiling blood. Its really funny to see how Alex lusted over Sarah but she, with her naivete, has no idea of her effect on him, and how Alex practically stumble over love and had quite a hell trying not to fall. 
I love this part when Sarah found out Alex has paint the town red with a string of women after the wedding and made the press had their party publishing it.

'You want war, you got it. If you can dance till dawn, so can I! If you can sleep around, so can I! In fact there is nothing you can do to me, you sneaky, hateful toad, that I can't do back more nastily, more publicly and more painfully! The name of 
Terzakis will be a byword for scarlet woman! You'll be down on your knees for a divorce by the time I'm finished with you!'

I could see Alex and Sarah loving each other till the end with Sarah keep surprising  Alex with her honesty and fiery temper.
Get It ! :  .lit

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